Business Advice

Our business management consultancy can help you transform and innovate your organization, providing strategies to align People, processes, and technology for optimized business performance.

Data Processing

We process and analyze your data to obtain measurable business value and create outcomes that lead to growth, operational excellence, and profitability. We convert data into insights and insights into outcomes, so the accurate knowledge of your customers and target markets is no longer a dream.

Risk Management

Our consultants are skilled in identifying, assessing, and preventing project-related risks that can impact the desired outcomes. Our risk management strategies minimize risks and ensure successful and smooth project completion within the ideal time and budget to mitigate potential loss and cost.
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About us

Booma Technologies

Boom Technologies was established in 2011 with the vision to provide innovative solutions to complex business problems across a variety of functional areas and domain.

We focus on generating business value in large multinational organizations as well as small and medium-sized companies with our technical and non-technical consultation. In a nutshell, BoomaTech is a one-stop platform where you can get customized solutions for all your business needs through technology, consultancy, and project management.

What We Provide

Technical consultancy

BoomaTech provides complete solutions for Software and Hardware Services for all types of domains and businesses. Our commitment to quality and the highest standards keeps our clients satisfied and coming back.

Non-Technical Consulting

Local outreach connected globally. Top-quality products and services are the names of the game. We understand the global markets and their need for high-quality products and services. The US is recognized worldwide for the quality and integrity of its products and services

Project Management

We understand that a project's success depends on proactive, efficient management. Through its chosen methodologies, BoomaTech can manage concurrent small to large projects with turnkey solutions.

IT operations management

The IT infrastructure of your enterprise is uniquely designed to cater to your individual customer needs. That infrastructure tends to grow complex with the growth of your enterprise. The cloud adoption in combination demands your enterprise to deal with a complex hybrid infrastructure.

Creative & Digital Marketing

BoomaTech provides digital marketing services via AlifZay (Pvt) Ltd. (for details, visit We collaborate with businesses to create a strong brand's awareness and online recognition in the target market through our robust digital marketing services.

Business Strategy

BoomaTech taps into its strong business acumen to find solutions to the unique set of challenges and constraints introduced by each customer and delivers solutions that fill performance gaps. We sport a track record of delivering projects on time and budget while consistently maintaining the highest quality.

Our Values

Our core values lie in our corporate governance responsibilities. BoomaTech believes in robust corporate governance practices to fulfil the company's responsibilities towards shareholders, oversee management and enhance business results. The governance practices are observed to review and evaluate the business operations. Our core values also include:

Mission Statement

Revolution, Transformation,
Innovation, Evolution
The terms symbolize the essence of what we do.


We aim to help big and small organizations to stay competitive, increase value, and win new markets by leveraging the full potential of the latest business models and technologies.


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